Saturday, June 24, 2017


My final project for May is finally finished--
the wool block--
I did do a small change--
I have an old crock in my wagon instead of a watering can--
what can I say--I gotta be different????

And here is the all the blocks so far--
Junes wool block goes next to the wagon one--
and it is prepped--soooo--
the good faires  said they would start stitching on it real soon--
like after they finish up the book they are reading right now!!!

And I have gotten alot more done on this project--
Got all 5 sets of double rows sewn together--
then laid them out on the bed--
but decided I really needed to add more row along one side--
had a couple block already made and so made a couple more and
now I am in the process of sewing them to each set of double rows--

Hope everyone has a 'wild and wooly' week end planned!!
Enjoy the moments, di

Thursday, June 22, 2017


I got the 5" blocks made for June's Patchwork bom--
Guess it was a "dotty" month--
didn't realize it until I was cutting them --

I went though all the blocks I had done so far--
and figured out which ones I had only done a single print in--
so now I am also ready for next month!!!

And I know this one will 'blow' your mind--
look at what I am finally--
finally sewing together--

This is for my bed --and will actually be turned--

This way on the bed--
I got a few more to sew together--
like 7 more rows--
but at least I am on my way--
doing them in long strips and then sewing two strips together at a time--
these are 8 blocks wide!!
Remember, I believe, that my January goal was to finish this top--
at least the month begins with a "J"!!!!


Sunday, June 18, 2017


I got 2 more blocks done--
the first is for the Christmas quilt--
Now this one
I think I did as much 'unpicking' as I did stitching--
on the bottom row, I did have the 2 background blocks reversed--
so that was my mistake--
the others--
no idea--
but I kept at it and it is done and measures correctly now--

And here is the 6th block done in the 10" size that I am doing--
for the Patchwork quilt --
and I got the fabrics picked out for the 5" blocks to start them tomorrow!!!

What did you do today--???
Hope it was fun whatever you did!!!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The color of pure sunshine is Yellow--
and this month we get to play with that color--
Got my cat block done--
and then I got the yellow log cabin block made to go with it--
so half my 'yellow' projects are done for this month--
and I think I found the photo of the bird I want to do for this month--
and even the yellow I want to use to make him--
time will tell?????

and here is where I am so far on last months wool block--
almost have the lamb part done--then there is the wagon and all that is going on in it to stitch yet!!!

I have also been learning how to play Mexican Dominoes this week--
so that has been fun--


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