Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Well--it is that time of the year again--
when it is time for a bit of fun--
Though I am confused--
you see I do know it has been--
years since I first started this blog post--
February 18th, 2009 --
but do we have Birthdays--
each year --
as I do feel like I actually gave 'birth' to this blog and am watching it grow up--
or is it an Anniversary--
as the 'two' of us--me and the blog site are partners and I often feel like we are married one to the other????

What ever this is--
it is time to celebrate--
I have done nearly 1600 posts on this site and nearly 400 on my other site--
Di's workshop--
I spent most of last week reading all my posts--starting with the first one--
and see alot of changes --

and I have certainly made alot of quilts--table runners, placemats, wall hangings--
and had an apartment full of furniture--
and changed decor many times--
and even moved from NY state to Florida--
but in it all and through it alll--
I have counted on--
all the friendships I have made here on Online
are the ones I count on most in life--

SO regardless whether it is--
a birthday or an anniversary--
one needs these--
which I am working on--
wrapping up--
let the fun begin--
leave a comment for a chance to win a 'gift'!!

                     Enjoy the moments, di

Monday, February 20, 2017


I did get the 2nd block made in the bom of the
Buttermilk Basin row by row--
this one was much smaller and did not take nearly as long to stitch-
but I had fun picking out the colors of wool--
I really do love working with wool--
and I got another baby sweater knitted--
this was the largest size--
and today--
I went shopping with a neighbor to Hobby Lobby--
as this yarn that I use for the sweaters was on sale--
and here is my new stash--
right now I am doing the preemie size--haven't done that size before--
but think it will only take one skein--we will see???

somehow I ended up over in the fabric section and look what came home--
with me--
now I did need the '2' pink ones for my stash--as I don't have much pink--
and one of these days pink will be the color of the month--
but I just couldn't not get a small piece of the black--
it is soo rich in color and designs--
seen a couple others I liked too--
but--money only stretches sooo far at the end of the month--

And I did get this out of the closet--it is the new bedspread to be finished and quilted for my bed--
remember I was to start finishing this in January--and here it is the 3rd week in Feb and not one stitch has been added--!!!!!
I also did work on my new design wall yesterday--but it is not finished--
still trying to decide what size to make it--at least that is my  'excuse' for today!!!
and we were back in time for me to go to coloring group today--
so been busy --but not on sewing--

          Enjoy the moments, di
I know you can't see me!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017


It really bothered   me all night that --
the house block was not coming out right--
so this morning--
I started another one--
and here it is --step by step--
first though I played with 'fussy' cutting some cute windows--

see the kitties???
I knew that the main body of the house was correct--
and once it was done-
I measured it--
it was 6 1/2 " wide and 8 1/2" long--
Then I stitched on the 2 sides of 1 1/2' strips--
and then the problem came into 'view' again--
the roof--
I did go ahead and stitch it by the measurements on the pattern--
2-3 1/2" by 4" pieces
and did the peak in the center--
and made the 3 1/2" the height--
but look--
the roof is too narrow--
now yesterdays house I just made the roof longer--
but this time I trimmed the sides of the house--
to match the size of the roof piece--
so I think these should of been 1" by 8 1/2"--
Now the block measures 11 1/2 long by 7 1/2 wide--
Then I added the side piece --just like the pattern said--1 1/2" by 11 1/2"--
and this house finally looks like the house in the pattern--
then I decided I would just unstitch the tree that was stitched to yesterdays house--
as it was pretty good--
but then I decided also that I kinda liked this house from yesterday better for this quilt--
so I just trimmed down each side--
of the house block-
so the house block matched the new one and added the outside strip--
then added the tree with a bit of adjusting--
and now look--
they match---
and now I have a cat in the window block to do something with!!!!
 before I even started stitching I did a bit of work on the sewing machine--
with making sure I had a actual 1/4" seam guide--
But I think some of my problem is with ironing too much and that stretch's  out the fabric--
I can not use spray starch--sooo!!!!

OK--here is some really good news--
another "ufo" is done--
 my heart quilt did not get done by Valentines day--
but did get it done by the end of the week--
and I love red and hearts year round!!!

             Enjoy the moments, Di

Friday, February 17, 2017


I wasn't 'drunk' on Chocolate--
I just can't read--
cause I not only had problems with the red bow--
in getting the right sized pieces cut--
I also had big time problems with this one--
 look at my houses for the "Spring on Beckon Street" bom--
Here was my first attempt yesterday--
had to do alot of 'fudging' to get it all to fit--
and then I didn't like it--
so today I started over--
and all I can say for this block is--
it does measure 12 1/2 by 12 1/2"--
my roof is too large for my house--I got a big 'overhang"!!!
and if you look closely you will see it is not the same as this block-
and no where did I find in the directions about the chimney piece--
I just figured that one out on my own--
so I am not sure I will go on with this one--
my brain used to be able to figure these patterns out--
It is a good thing I guess that my daughter, is the architect in the family--
and not me--all my houses would fall apart at the first strong wind!!!

This is how I felt today--
wonder what I am doing???
I used to be able to sew a straight line--
can't even seem to do that lately--
maybe this last sewing machine I bought is just plain 'crooked'?????

Enjoy the moments, di

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