Thursday, May 25, 2017


If you knew that Di would have to fix the boo-boo's????
Cause you were right--
First thing after breakfast--
I grabbed the seam ripper and started ripping--
started on the right side of the quilt--
those 2 dark squares together drove me 'nuts'
(ok--we know I am already nuts--so nutter!!!)
Ok now the upper right hand corner is the correct way it should be--
but now we still have a problem on the bottom row--
Soo--after lunch out came the seam ripper and we ripped the bottom row off--
and did some adjustments and --
Annnd---looky here--
it is now perfect--
no two whites or no two colors are together--
and I survived ripping out 'half' the top--
but I feel sooo much better now!!

And I did get this months wool pattern traced onto freezer paper--today--
I now have to get busy on the rest of this month's bom's --
or I will be getting behind--

              ENJOY THE MOMENTS-DI

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


And I got this weeks step done on the Kitchen quilt--
I loved making this border--was fun sewing all those 2" squares into 4 patches--
Just had a bit of a problem in the upper right hand corner and the lower left hand corner--
but no matter which way I turned the corner blocks I could not keep the pattern going--
so I finally decided I would go with it--
as isn't the rule--that no quilt be perfect--that there has to be some 'mistake' in the quilt--
so this one is mine--all mine!!!!!

But first the good news--
it is raining out there my friends--
nice steady rain--oh how we have needed some rain!!!
I hope we get enough that we get the 'pond' back and maybe some ducks will come--
and maybe there will be some baby ones tooo---
I just know that all the plants and flowers and trees are happy dancing right now!!!

               ENJOY EVERY MOMENT-DI

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


and some saddness today--
first the good stuff--
I am slowly working on the next step to the Kitchen quilt--
you know the one with the teapots--
We have had to cut 92-2' squares in the colored fabrics--
and 92-2" back ground pieces--
my background is white--
I did cut a total of 92 of them--
then just cut randomly some colored squares--
and then you sew them into 4 patches--
here is some of them so far!!!

On the sadness note--
it has to do with 'other' people and I just don't understand WHY--
some folks can't leave other folks alone--
We have one tenant here who took this barren looking area--
which is down at the end of the front parking lot and beside the visitor parking area--
and turned it into this--
and this is the tenant--
she worked this garden every single day--
she bought all the plants and containers with her own money--
and she is on a portable oxygen tank that she has to carry around with her
at all times--yet with the tank in one hand--she worked the garden with the other one!!!
it was just lovely down there--
I often walked down there and sat on the bench and just watched and listened to the birds--
But -just one--tenant kicked up such a fuss about it that she had to get rid of it--
and this tenant parks her car out in the back parking lot--so why did it 'bother' her soo much????

and so today it is back to this--
I could even enjoy the one part of her garden from my bedroom window--
now all I have to look at is bare wood!!!!
Ok--I am done "whinny" for now--maybe!!!!

enjoy the moments di

Friday, May 19, 2017


On the Kitchen quilt--
I got the other set of flowers for the second vase finished--
Yep--fussy cut roses--

But then I had a big time problem of trying to decide on -
just which teacup should do the honors of being between the
two vases of flowers--
Here is the green one again---
and here is the rose one!!!

Sooooo--guess which one made it???
actually for that spot--
neither one--
decided I needed to redo the blueberry teacup block as it seemed crooked---
and then put it in the center--
and in the end--the 'poor' green one did not make it into this quilt--
but I have promised it --
it will not be left behind!!!!!!!!!

and I did get another baby sweater knitted--
I like this one alot--first time I have used red in a sweater I believe--

And I got a new table and chairs today--
this is on the wall by the kitchen--
and Yes I still have the other table and chairs--
but it is always soooo messy from someone's sewing projects that it is buried most of the time--so this little set gives me a place to sit and visit with company--when I find some!!!!!
Paid $25 for the set--it is all wood and the seats are leather!!

And--the other news is--
I am no longer a Night Angel--
my DD and the Dr said I had to cut some stress out of my life--
and this job was stressful for me for whatever reason--
the Night Angel I replaced had to stop for the same reason--

on the tenant who fell on Sunday--
she is not doing well--her heart stopped during the hip surgery--
so she is in ICU and in an induced coma for now until they can figure out
why her heart stopped--so if you all would pray for her--Anna--it would be great--


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